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Latin Dance and Embodied SensualityLATIN DANCE & EMBODIED SENSUALITY (for women)

Latin dancing, when inspired from the inside out, taps into our natural creative sexual power and feeds our mind, body and soul on and off the dance floor. When we are inspired and lit up from the inside out, freely celebrating the whole of our wise, diverse and magnificent bodies, we discover we have always been natural dancers. Beyond exploring the essentials of latin dancing, we’ll rekindle our relationship with our body through embodiment, movement, music and community connection. This is a safe space of rediscovering our innate sensuality. Join professional ballroom/latin dancer, embodiment professional and Reiki Master Emily Wehrman for a fun Friday night! $20 pre pay / $30 at door

Facilitated by Emily Wehrman. $20 pre pay / $30 at door.

October 5th AND October 26th 7:00-8:30pm SIGN UP HERE


Qoya is a movement practice based on the idea that as women, our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free. We reconnect with and remember that essence through a mix of sensual movement practices, yoga, dance, and community building/sharing. You know you’re doing it “right” if it feels good and true in your body. No previous dance or fitness experience is necessary.
If you can dance in your kitchen or in your car, you can do Qoya. If you’re already in love with Qoya, if you’ve heard of it and have been curious, or if this is your first time learning about the practice, this class will be a welcoming space. Bring yourself, your yoga mat, and some water to sip on. Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. To sample some Qoya practices, go to and check out the free videos.

Tickets are $20

Coming Soon for October!

Lingli_Final_Pose copyNOURISHING THE RIVER OF LIFE: Meridian Connections and Movements in Flow

The life energy, Qi, infuses every living cell and pervades the sky and earth. Like a river of life, Qi energy flows in our body along pathways called meridians, making us whole, vital, and full of hope, patience and clarity. Join this introductory class to experience the practice that nourishes the river of our life.

We will literally tap into the meridians around our five sense organs and in our whole body, relax and increase microcirculation to our thinking mind and the busy body, protect the eyes, soften the face and stimulate lymphatic drainage in the immune system.

We will practice 13 Form Life Nourishing Movements, learn to activate the reproductive system energy and support spinal health. In these slow, soft, effortlessly flowing movements, we experience the innate rhythm of the body and taste the wellness and vitality that is already within us.

Preparation: loose and comfortable clothing, relatively empty stomach, willingness to be kind to body. Women may find most ease without make-up and hair worn down.

Facilitated by Lingli Zhang. Tickets are $20 pre pay / $25 at door

October 6th AND October 27th 2:00-3:30pm SIGN UP HERE



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