Academic Policies

Student Progress Information

Evaluation and Completion Requirements

Whether the student passes or fails the program is based on completion and participation in the following areas:

Attendance for all required class work totaling a minimum of 180 contact hours

Passing grade of 70% or better on any written exam

Completion of all required homework assignments

Completion of all 8 yoga class observation plus written report for each

Attendance of 16 required classes plus written report for each

Performance evaluation based on practicum teaching (teach a safe class, utilize teaching techniques, language, create a class that flows smoothly)

Definitions of Measures of Progress

Academic progress will be monitored at the end of the fourth and eighth weekend intensives.  Progress will be measured based on attendance at 90% of class meetings, completion of assigned homework and passing grade on the written exam.  Completion of course requirements must be made within one year of initial enrollment.  Failure to complete course requirements will result in student needing to reapply for the course.

Credit for Previous Training

Yoga Source Yoga School does not accept credit from previous education, training, or work experience.

Grading Methods

A pass/fail system applies to all coursework.  Whether the student passes or fails the program is based on attendance, completion and participation in all assignments, observations and performance evaluations given during the course.  A passing grade is defined as 70% or better on all course requirements.

Academic Requirements

Academic Progress

Academic progress will be monitored throughout the training program. Successful students will receive the equivalence of a passing grade (70%), and will attend 100% of the class meetings.  Students unable to attend 100% of class meetings must make written or verbal arrangements with the Program Director to make up time and content within one month of the missed class period.  Students missing more than 10% of class meetings must retake the class.  At the end of midterm, students not demonstrating satisfactory academic progress will be placed on academic probation.

Academic Probation

Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, including less than the equivalence of a passing grade (70%), failing to attend 100% of class meetings without making written arrangements to make up time and content missed or failing to attend 90% of class meetings will result in academic probation.  The student will meet with the Program Director to determine a written course of action.  The initial probationary period will be one month.  During that period the student is required to meet all academic obligations.  Tutoring is available for reviewing course content missed while absent.  The student will be responsible for tutoring fees at the rate of $50 per session.

Academic Program Termination

If at the end of the academic probationary period the student has failed to make satisfactory academic progress, or failed to meet the terms of the probation, the student’s participation will be terminated. The student will be notified in writing of their termination from the program.  The student may reapply for the program in the future, and if admitted, must begin the program over and must meet requirements for all course work.  The student will be responsible for full payment of all applicable tuition and fees, if they choose to reenroll in the program.

YTT200 Certification

Upon satisfactory completion of the YTT200 course, students will be awarded the YTT200 Certificate of Completion.  Students will be eligible to apply for registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level.

Student Services Information

Physical Facility

Teacher training contact hours take place at Yoga Source located at 1500 South Big Bend, 2nd Floor in St. Louis, Missouri.  Classes will take place in one of two classrooms at the studio.  The facility is equipped with two bathrooms.


Angie Campbell, 500 E-RYT

Chris Yonker, E-RYT

Liam Springer

Thomas Fortel

Julie Funke, 500 RYT


JennTara Ward

Taj Work, 500RYT


Teacher training students should have their own yoga mat, and are encouraged to purchase their own yoga blanket, two yoga blocks and a yoga strap.  Students will also be able to use equipment provided which includes:  yoga mats, yoga blankets, yoga blocks, yoga straps, sandbags, yoga bolsters, folding chairs, and tables.


Yoga Source does not have an onsite library.  Teacher training students must purchase the required books listed in the cost information section prior to the start of the course.

Registered Yoga School

Yoga Source Yoga School is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School in accordance with the standards set forth by Yoga Alliance, an international yoga organization whose mission is “to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.”  More information can be found on their website at

Placement Assistance Information

Yoga Source Yoga School does not offer placement assistance to graduates and does not guarantee job placement after completion of the 200-hour YTT.

Student Policies

Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend a minimum of 90% of class meetings.  For missed class periods, students must make arrangements with the instructor to make up missed content and class time.  Students must complete makeup assignments within one month of the class missed.

Tardiness and Make-Up Work

Tardiness and leaving class early is subtracted from the total time of the program and counts against the minimum required attendance.  Arrangements must be made with the Program Director to make up any assignments not completed on schedule.  All assignments must be made up within one month of class periods missed.  The maximum number of hours that can be missed during the entire 200-hour training is 20.  Any missed hours will need to be made up by completing the observation of or participation in extra classes equal to the number of hours missed.

In addition, if a student is absent for more than 6 hours, it is required that they schedule a private session with the Program Director ($75 additional fee) to go over topics discussed during any missed hours.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the practice and instruction of yoga at all times during all class sessions.  Dress code consists of yoga or sports pants and yoga tops or shirts that provide for full coverage of the torso and buttocks during body movement.  Students are expected to exhibit excellent hygiene, wear no obvious scents or colognes and have long hair tied back out of the face.  Students failing to comply with the dress code will be dismissed from class with an opportunity to return when in compliance.  Time missed in order to comply with the dress code will be treated as an absence and the attendance policy and tardiness and make-up work policies above will be enforced for time missed.


Students are expected to dress and behave in a professional and ethical manner.  Students are required to be respectful of instructors, staff and other students as well as school property.  Students should not enter the school while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, and no alcohol or drugs are allowed on campus.

Expectations of Reprimand, Probation or Termination for Violation of Conduct

Students who fail to meet conduct expectations will be given a verbal reprimand during which conduct policies will be reviewed.  If questionable conduct continues, a second verbal reprimand will be made.  Continued failure to comply with conduct expectations will result in student being placed on conduct probation.  A Conduct Probation Form will be completed and signed by the student and the Program Director.  The conduct probation period is a period of two months.  If compliance is adequately maintained for this period conduct probation will be discontinued.  If compliance is not maintained throughout this period, student may be suspended.  Termination for Violation of Conduct will result in the student being required to retake the entire session at full fee.  A Letter of Program Termination for Conduct Violation will be sent to the student.  Any unlawful act by a student while under school supervision or on school property will be considered a breach of the Conduct Agreement and will be grounds for termination.


Students wishing to file a formal grievance with the school should submit a written letter of explanation to the Program Director at:

Yoga Source

1500 South Big Bend, 2nd Floor

St. Louis, Missouri 63117

A grievance team made up of the instructor and another Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT) will meet to review the issues contained in the written letter.  The team will respond to the student in writing within 10 days of receipt of the letter and offer the student three optional dates to meet with the grievance team.  At the grievance team meeting, the issue will be discussed and a course of action determined.  A Grievance Action document will be completed following the meeting that will be signed by the grievance team and the student either in agreement or dissent.  Any other parties involved in the grievance shall also sign the document.  The grievance team will schedule a follow up meeting a month from the initial grievance meeting to determine the outcome of the course of action including input from all parties involved.


Transcript requests must be made in writing and bear the signature of the student.  Up to three official transcripts will be provided free of charge, and will be sent to licensing and certification boards and other entities at a student’s request.  Any additional transcripts requested or required will carry a $10 processing fee.

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