Our Teachers. Your Kula.

From yoga’s philosophy to physiology, from its traditions to innovations, Yoga Source teachers perpetuate parampara, the acceleration of lineage and teachings passed down from teacher to student over time. Teachers at Yoga Source share the benefits of yoga with the St. Louis community. They illuminate paths. They challenge students to grow. They delight in students’ evolution.

Angie CampbellAngie Campbell, E-RYT

Angie, E-RYT, has a background in dance and somatic sciences. Her teaching career began in 1998 after completing a 2 year Pilates apprenticeship program in Calgary Canada. While teaching Pilates, she began studying yoga and attending teacher trainings and workshops with master teachers including Erich Schiffmann and Rod Stryker. In 2006, Angie began studying Anusara yoga and completed a teacher training in the lineage in Albuquerque, NM. She continues to study, practice and teach with her teachers regularly, culminating in 15 years of experience. Her teachers include Noah Maze, Douglas Brooks, Desiree Rumbaugh and Sally Kempton.

Alison Bodker

Alison began attending yoga classes several years ago to complement an exercise routine consisting mostly of running. After several years of spotty class attendance, things began to click and she eventually fell in love with her practice. Alison completed her 200-hour training at Yoga Source in 2016. She teaches many styles of yoga, with her favorite being a vinyasa class with an emphasis on creative sequencing, breath, and flow. Alison believes that yoga should be accessible to all and teaches her classes in that spirit. Outside of yoga, Alison enjoys experimental cooking, spending time with family and friends, and playing with her pup, Rupert. 

Amy von der Heydt

Amy’s journey into yoga began in 2006, when she wandered into an open-levels class at her local gym. Shortly thereafter, yoga became an integral part of her life. After six years of devoted practice, she completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2012. She is an enthusiastic learner, who is constantly striving to improve her practice through reading, asana, meditation, self-reflection, teacher trainings, and any other growth opportunity she can find.

Amy is a gifted instructor, who is especially attuned to making every student feel comfortable and appropriately challenged in her classes. Her training as a psychotherapist shines through as she guides students to a deeper understanding of the interactions between one’s physical sensations, breath, emotional state, and clarity of mind. Yoga is Amy’s passion as well as a deep and personal part of her life. She enjoys nothing more than being able to share the practice with those around her.

Becky Gremaud Profile

Becky Gremaud

Becky has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2003. She left her first class with a smile on her face and realized she was on to something good.  In 2003 she completed a 200-hour teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in California. A clinical social worker by profession, she recently left full-time employment to stay home with her young sons.  She hopes to combine her passions for social work and yoga to help others develop emotional balance and truly attend to body, mind and spirit.  Her class is a nice balance of activity and stillness.  She seeks to challenge and at the same time allow students to feel a connection to the breath and open their hearts.

Bethany Bogosian

A Yoga Source Teacher Training alumna, Bethany is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. A long-time elementary school teacher, she has taught yoga to children from ages 2-16, adults, and seniors. She considers it a great honor to share her love of yoga, the joy and peace it offers with students of all ages.
After several years of dabbling in yoga, she came to realize that the practice and study of yoga played an integral role in her life. Bethany gives much credit to her experience of battling cancer in 2009 and the support of loved ones as impetus to becoming a yoga teacher. She particularly enjoys teaching those who have little to no yoga experience, and she possesses a strong desire to make the practice of yoga accessible to all, regardless of age, ability, or physical limitations.

chris-yonker-profileChris Yonker

Chris Yonker began practicing yoga in the early 70s and began teaching yoga in 1993. Over the years she has received teacher certifications from White Lotus Foundation, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Santa Barbara Yoga Center in addition to studying with master teachers in the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga and vinyasa styles of yoga. She currently studies and practices Mindfulness and Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and draws inspiration for her classes from these studies as well as her deep appreciation for Vinyasa flow yoga taught in an accessible and straightforward manner. Chris has an extensive background in dance, athletics and massage therapy. She was one of the founders of Big Bend Center in St. Louis and in 2003 opened YogaSource to further promote yoga in the St. Louis area. She believes that yoga can (and should) be accessible and fun. Chris earned her 500-hour certification from Kripalu in 2012.

Cole Bombino

Cole Bombino

A California transplant, Cole began practicing yoga nearly 10 years ago and soon earned her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification with CorePower Yoga for Vinyasa Flow. As a teacher and holistic health coach, Cole’s intention is to inspire growth, and to help individuals feel more happiness and uncover their personal best. Come flow with this lovely soul. In addition to teaching yoga, Cole is a Love Coach, Healer, and Love Intuitive who specializes in showing women how to create the fundamental foundation of self- love and confidence within themselves in order to manifest the great love of their life and cultivate the type of relationship where they feel adored and cherished.


Dianna lucasDianna Lucas

Dianna Lucas is an integrative wellness specialist and retreat facilitator for spiritually daring people who believes that inner wisdom is the secret to a meaningful, beautiful life. Dianna is a student and teacher of meditation and movement techniques with more than 35 years’ experience. Her quest for knowledge and guidance have led to 30 years of study in the modalities of Natural and Energy Medicine, Holistic Wellness, Shamanism, and  the blending of ritual and practice. Over her years of study, Dianna has had the privilege to gather knowledge and direction from seekers and teachers across the globe. From her self-guided research at Cambridge University, UK, where she studied Celtic-Wicca and Western European Shamanism; to her studies in the American Southwest that led her to the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba at the Hanuman Temple, as well as guidance from Lakota Tribe Elders and the teachings of her own tribe, the Cherokee Nation. She has studied Yoruba Traditional Ceremony and Medicine with Baba Kwame Ishangi in Chicago, Il, Chakra Meditation and Healing Crystals Therapy; Essential Oils, Herbal and Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Guided Meditation and Visualization, Goddess Traditions, Natural Childbirth and Hatha Yoga beginning with Anusara based training and shifting toward Dynamic Yoga. Dianna’s deep commitment, desire and willingness to share these tenets of holistic balance and to create an environment where one feels nurtured, supported, and safe, will help you discover new truths through transformational and attainable practices. She works with children and adults using trauma informed practices. In 2008, she created the community and outdoor yoga studio at the Grand Basin, a St. Louis landmark. Dianna creates safe and sacred space for each person hence creating a connected community.

danielle tridentiDanielle Tridenti

Danielle offers yoga as a way to live from the heart and to meet life with appreciation and respect. She brings over fifteen years of experience in movement, bodywork, and devotion into her group and private teaching. Danielle holds certifications for over 1500 hours of yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy training and has studied with teachers such as Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Saul David Raye and Erich Schiffman. She also has an extensive background in anatomy with over 1000 hours of study in Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Spinal Mechanics and the Anatomy of Movement. In addition to holding certifications in yoga and healing work, she is an ordained minister. Her classes are a skillful, forthright and intentional blend of masterful alignment and self-reflection cues for the whole of your being. Danielle’s unique, humorous, and sincere approach weaves meditation, breath, asana, psychology, energy and spirituality together through intelligent and deliberately sequenced practices that are potent and reverent. Danielle shares yoga privately and through the larger group experiences of workshops and retreats. Her real service is holding space for individuals to heal by cultivating deeper levels of self — awareness, trust and acceptance — as well as how to install respect in all interactions.

dev shabad kaurDev Shabad Kaur

Dev Shabad Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who has completed her 220HR Level 1 and is currently pursuing her Level 2, already having completed her first 60HR module. She spent 13 months living, learning, and teaching at Sat Tirath Ashram and this immersion lifestyle has uniquely shaped her practice and teaching style.  She is currently in Tantric Numerology Training under Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa of Golden Bridge Yoga, and incorporates these trainings and counseling techniques in her classes. In addition to Kundalini Yoga classes, she began offering Lil Yogi Classes for Families based on her desire to teach yoga and breathing to her 3 year old twin boys and their 1 year old brother. She also teaches Pranayama classes to develop breath awareness and relies heavily on the Shabad Guru (sound as teacher). You will often find yourself chanting an uplifting mantra to end the class and elevate your spirit!  Her teacher has noted that her “love for the teachings is conspicous and contagious!” Her energy and light are a gift to the world and her devotion to her students is felt by all who enter her class.

Emily-Wehrman-dancing-yogisEmily Wehrman

As owner of Discover Ballroom, studio manager of Yoga Source, and a Reiki Master Healer, Emily’s passion for helping people realize their amazing potential fuels her purpose of making dance education and embodied transformation fun and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. She has an extensive background in movement, music and communication. Her ballet and language studies took her abroad to study in France in college. Upon returning to the United States, she studied various martial arts, equestrian riding/training, ballroom/latin dance and energy work that would enhance her understanding of the body, energy, partnering and communication. Combining her nurturing and supportive teaching style with humor, wisdom and an enthusiasm for learning, Emily always finds down-to-earth ways to empower each student and address their individual needs. Emily is a Reiki Master and certified in Facilitation of Embodied Transformation. In addition to teaching partner dance classes at Yoga Source, she offers Reiki energy healing sessions and transformational coaching sessions at the studio.

Erica GilbertErica Gilbert

Erica Gilbert was drawn to yoga after years of dealing with serious health issues; including Multiple Sclerosis, and cervical and thoracic spinal issues.   Tired of being unable to live life to the fullest, Erica pursued yoga hoping to heal physically but also discovered that it provided deep mental clarity and emotional well-being.  After 8 months of regular yoga practice, seeing its tremendous benefits on her health, Erica decided to enroll in a teacher-training program.  She graduated from her 200 hour RYT from Yoga Source in St. Louis in September 2016.  Erica has studied under Angie Campbell, Chris Yonker, Jacob Kenner, and Julie Funke. She is currently continuing her studies through additional online training with Noah Maze, eager to learn more about anatomy, sequencing, and teaching.  Erica is committed to a daily yoga practice and focuses on strengthening her body and continuing to manage her health through her practice. She is a well-rounded teacher with empathy for those struggling with illness.  Erica also holds a degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL.  She resides in Edwardsville with her husband and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie.

jacob buddeJacob Budde

“I found yoga when I was at my lowest place; a story for another time to be sure, but rest assured yoga saved my life. When I first started practicing, it was every Wednesday evening and I was immediately and irrevocably ‘hooked’.

 Yoga brings a level of joy to me that easily eclipses the enjoyment I glean from any other type of physical activity. I would pine for Wednesday all week…lament its passing…and yearn all the more for the eventual return. Once a week quickly morphed into several times a week, and continued on into an every day (sometimes twice a day) habit. The magic of getting in touch with your body through a regular yoga practice, began to work its magic on my heart…soul…body…and mind.

Yoga Source and I crossed paths via a short term subbing opportunity for another amazing teacher (Kim Winn).  Shortly there after I met Angie Campbell, and I quickly realized that there was something incredible about her energy.  Several other opportunities to sub presented themselves in quick succession, and not long after I was asked to take over a class taught by ANOTHER amazing teacher I admire (Michael Palumbo).  I could think of no answer to give her other than, YES!  The aura surrounding Yoga Source is filled with love, and light.

When you find yourself saying ‘I could never do yoga’, take a moment to consider that might NOT be true. When you’re ready to challenge the idea, and maybe even eradicate it from your existence; come find us at Yoga Source…we’ll keep a mat unrolled for you.”

Jacob Kenner, RYT 500Jacob Kenner

With encouragement and guidance from Jacob’s great instructors, he studied for his first certification with Mitchel Bleier in 2012.  He continued his studies with Noah Mazé and received his second certification in 2013.  He continued his education with YOGAMAZÉ and provided support and teaching assistance to the YOGAMAZÉ 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainees.  Jacob continues to study with great teachers to improve his teaching skills and is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT 500).

Jacob focuses on teaching safe, proper alignment, with strong attention on the breath.  Everyone can do yoga, no matter what type of body you have.  Your yoga might not be like the yoga of the person next to you, but it’s yours, and you are beautiful, right now.  Jacob wants everyone to find the peace and acceptance that yoga can bring to life.

When not practicing yoga, Jacob likes to run long distances, tend his bee hives, train animals, and play with his family.

Jayme JohnsJayme Johns

Jayme began her yoga practice in 2010 and fell in love during her first class. Growing up a dancer, she was immediately drawn to the slow dance of body with breath and completed the 2011 Yoga Source Teacher Training and received a Yin yoga certification from Urban Breath in 2012. Jayme’s classes are a slow-flow vinyasa with strong emphasis on alignment and breath, beginning with pranayama and/or meditation and often including a Yin pose or two. Her classes offer a nurturing, safe space to both play with your edge while honoring your limitations and to deeply relax. Jayme is constantly continuing her study of yoga and anatomy and eventually plans to pursue her 500-hour certification. She is profoundly grateful to the teachers (and students!) she’s encountered, as well as for the amazingly therapeutic benefits of the practice for both body and soul. Jayme also enjoys reading, quality time with her beagle, meditation, time with close friends, and exploring this beautiful city.

jenntara wardJennTara Ward

JennTara’s classes are fun and challenging in a safe and systematic way. Her gentle spirit supports and nurtures students of all levels and helps them feel a sense of self-acceptance. She is attentive and her clear & creative instructions help students progress in their practice and get into poses that may normally be difficult to them. She has a deep understanding of the body and alignment and students enjoy the pace and flow of her classes. Her theme based classes offer time to unplug from the day, play, and deeply relax. JennTara has been teaching yoga since 2003 and has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998. Her formal yoga studies are in the tradition of Anusara Yoga and she has studied many hours with John Friend and other senior teachers of the Anusara Tradition. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her son.

Sheila Dugopolski, RYT

Jill Duncan

Jill Duncan is a Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP), Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI), Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Wellness Chef and founder of Wellness by Jill. Her “work” incorporates her passions and her lifestyle which creates a synergistic way of living in her flow. Teaching and healing others is guided from the place of a balanced heart and mind and compassion for each person on their path.


Julie FunkeJulie Funke

Julie has been an avid fitness guru for 30 years, including personal training, fitness classes, spinning and most recent becoming certified in yoga with Yoga Alliance.  In 1996, she and two partners brought Spinning to St. Louis, an indoor cycling class invented by Johnny G of Maddog Athletics that simulated a combination of road and mountain biking in an indoor setting done with music and lighting.  Sixteen years later going strong, Spinning, The Ultimate in Body Recycling, now includes core classes on the Stability ball and yoga classes in addition to the 40+ spinning classes per week.  She has enjoyed the last five years devoting her focus in 500 hours in teacher training for yoga, and another 200 hours in workshops in and out of town. It has complimented by her teaching of spinning classes and has deepened her desire to share yoga with her students.

Kat SaltarelliKat Saltarelli (Jai Chand Kaur)

Kat Saltarelli  (Jai Chand Kaur) recently moved to St. Louis from Costa Rica where she was working at an off-the-grid yoga retreat center named, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. She spent her time living a yogic lifestyle while preparing vegan meals for the yogis staying and visiting the property. In 2013 she obtained her 200hr which kickstarted her study in many forms of yoga. That same year she fell in love with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and began to integrate pieces of the practice into her daily life and teachings. Kat deepened her study of yoga after suffering a knee injury in a tennis match during her senior year of competing for University of California-Riverside. Yoga not only helped heal her body, but also shifted her perspective on life. In August 2016 she intensively trained at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das to obtain the Level One Kundalini Instructor Certificate.  Kat spends her time teaching kundalini, singing, chanting, and taking the teachings off the mat and into the kitchen where she creates nutritious vegan delights. VibeCacao.com

Kimberly AkunaKimberly Akuna

Kimberly started her yoga journey in 2000 as a way to support her long-distance running. What began as a way to achieve a better stretch became a full-time passion as she realized the benefits of her asana extended far beyond the mat. Since then she has completed over 2,000 hours of training and is certified in both yoga and acroyoga.

Her teaching style is playful and unassuming with an emphasis on alignment and safety. When not in her homebase of Saint Louis, she tours the globe teaching both yoga and acroyoga. A lifelong learner, she continues to complete new certifications and trainings each year so that she can share her discoveries with her students and deepen her personal practice.

Whether professional athletes, people suffering from injury and ailments, those who are pregnant, and everyone in between, her students have one thing in common – they’re looking for new ways to relax their mind, energize their body and increase flexibility and strength safely – all while having fun and making new friends!

Kim Winn, RYTKim Winn

Kim was introduced to yoga in 2005. After several months of practice and with the encouragement of her teachers, she started her teacher training with Mitchel Bleier, studying with him again the following year.
With Kim you can expect a powerful and challenging vinyasa flow class with a great music playlist to keep you motivated. She’s great with hands on adjustments to help you get deeper in your postures. “Kim has a great knack for encouraging and safely pushing you to your edge all with a sweet tone of voice while simultaneously kicking your asana.”

image1Lena DolterLena Dolter

Lena Dolter has a full time gig in corporate America, and yoga helps keep her grounded, and rooted in her Self. Lena loves how the practice makes her whole Self feel, and she loves sharing what she’s learned with her students in class. Her vision for her students is that they have fun feeling into what works for them, and use the practice as a way to go deeper within themselves, both on, and off the mat. You can Expect a class that is strong and makes you feel good when you leave


Lindsay Mallers

Lindsay’s yoga path became clear when her life took a new direction after becoming a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation in 2006. Her approach to teaching, whether it’s vinyasa, yin, or any other style, is supported by her work as a massage therapist and Vipassana meditator where every level of the body, mind, and heart is tended to. She has also taught anatomy for several different RY200 teacher trainings over the years. She continues to deepen her own yoga practice and teachings through education in energy and bodywork therapy, yoga workshops, and intensive meditation. Lindsay believes her role as a teacher is to facilitate healing as the body’s own intelligence knows how to restore itself when given the guidance and space to heal.

Lingli Zhang

Lingli Zhang has studied and followed both Eastern and Western traditions on the sciences and practices of mind and body for over 20 years. She has intense practice with Taiji (Tai Chi), Qigong, meditation, Yoga, embodied transformation and Buddhism. She studies Neuroscience and counseling professionally. Lingli is devoted to create and hold that nourishing space not only within her own body and life, but also together with friends for a living supportive community.

Marci AndrewsMarci Andrews

Marci Andrews; a perpetual student and humbled teacher, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) CorePower Certified, Energy Medicine Yoga Instructor, Essential Oil Educator & Reiki Master. As an instructor I do my best to stretch you mentally and physically in your practice, then lead you graciously to find space within for stillness, inspiration and recovery. I enjoy working one on one and/or in a group class to help raise your vibration, reveal your highest good, bring peace and find your joy. Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart!

Mark Biehl

Mark Biehl, CSTC, lifelong musician and composer, is the founder of Acuity Soundworks®. Mark is dedicated to the development and presentation of music to inspire creative thought and action. He is a Certified Sound Therapy Coach, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, and has received training in Primordial Sound Meditation with Deepak Chopra, and Certification in Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls from Nepalese Master Teacher Suren Shrestha.

Mark has over ten years’ experience in sound therapy, and offers both group and private sound sessions to the general public. He has led monthly group Tibetan bowl meditation sessions for the Cancer Support Community since 2014, provided services to the Veterans Administration for homeless and substance abuse patients, and is holding his Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation at Yoga Source April 30.

Laughing YogaMichaela Turner

Michaela began her teaching career first in the elementary classroom and then moved into yoga studios and after school programs in 2006, and became a Certified YogaKids International Teacher and Trainer in April of 2008.  Beginning with teaching toddlers yoga, Michaela expanded her classes as her students grew up; she added ‘tweens and teens yoga classes in 2012. Michaela added educator and parent yoga trainings to integrate into classroom curriculums and family routines.

Michaela has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, a Master of Arts degree in general psychology, and she is currently earning her doctorate degree in organizational leadership psychology. Michaela works with the most important organization on the planet—the family.  Her hobbies are hiking, yoga, travel, drumming, practicing indigenous ways, and being with her adult children.

Michelle Moran

Michelle began practicing yoga over 15 years ago and has had the privilege of studying with many wonderful local teachers. Moved to share the benefits of yoga with others, she completed her 200 hour RYT training in October 2013 through St. Louis Yoga Source. As a massage therapist since 1998, her understanding of anatomy and the body help her guide students into mindful alignment in their practice, allowing them to safely find greater strength and flexibility. Her goal is to help students tune into the relationship between the breath, body and mind, creating deeper self awareness. Michelle believes that yoga can lead each of us into a more compassionate way of being with ourselves and with others. Her wish is for you to leave class feeling connected, centered and at peace.

Michael PalumboMichael Palumbo

As a teacher, my objective is simple: To help you better understand the experience of living in your body.  We all have a finite time to enjoy this freedom, so my intention is to give you a set of basic tools that will enhance the experience.  I’m not here to over complicate things.  Sure, we will make shapes with our bodies.  We will breathe together, laugh together.  We may even cry together.  One thing we will undoubtedly do is grow.  With some consistency, you will be equipped with a set of skills designed to bring a heightened sense of awareness to the things that you are already doing; this is the ultimate gift of the practice.  Expect to find grounded classes and accessible postures with plenty of freedom to tailor each class to your specific needs.

Michael Webb

Michael has over 30 years experience as an instructor and participant in personal growth and health related education. Michael holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and trained and instructed through the 1980s. At the present, he is a Prajna certified yoga instructor and has been teaching in St. Louis for the past eleven years.

On top of being a registered Polarity Therapist for the past 16 years, Michael holds a degree in massage therapy from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis . currently versed in Pranic Healing, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, Deep Touch, Swedish and Thai massage. He currently offers bodywork sessions at Yoga Source.

Nancy Lewis, Kundalini Teacher at Yoga Nancy Lewis

Nancy Lewis (Guru Sandesh Kaur), has been involved in the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for the past 25 years.  She earned her Level I and Level II certification from the Kundalini Research Institute and has recently started Level lll training.  She is a healer in the art of Sat Nam Rasayan (the healing branch of Kundalini).  Prior to moving to St. Louis, she taught in California where she owned and operated a yoga/pilates studio. Nancy has studied with Gurmukh Kaur, Gurucharan Singh, Pritpal Kaur and is extremely grateful to have taken several classes with the Master of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Yogi Bhajan, her teacher.  She teaches around the city, offering ongoing classes, private instruction, and classes for beginners.  She is an adjunct faculty member at The Conservatory at Webster University, where she teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to acting students.  She has facilitated workshops in St. Louis, California, and Hawaii and has attended advanced workshops in Italy, California, New Mexico and New York.  She has been instrumental in bringing Kundalini back to St. Louis and was administrator and a member of the teaching team for the first Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Level I certification training that was offered in St. Louis.  Her classes are mindful and compassionate…. laughter and joy are a must!  You are bountiful, blissful, and beautiful—-believe it!

Pam SchollPam Scholl

Pam has been practicing yoga since 2005. She received her 200 hour teaching certification from Yoga Source in September, 2016. Pam is inspired by the power of yoga on and off the mat and is grateful to her many teachers especially, JennTara Ward, Angie Campbell and Chris Yonker for lighting her path. An alive, theme-based, alignment-aware practice will guide her students to go to their edge, not by pushing but by practicing. She provides a safe and supported environment to open fully to the heart of yoga. Pam has attended workshops with Desiree Rumbaugh and Tias Little. She has practiced at Esalen Institute and Kripalu Center. Pam has recently attended both restorative and adjustment workshops. She continues to deepen her personal practice and share her practice with her students. Pam holds a B.F.A. from Fontbonne University and lives in Webster Groves with her husband, Ed. She enjoys writing, poetry, family and fun. Her mantra: scare yourself alive!

Rebekah JarchowRebekah Jarchow

Rebekah Jarchow is a St. Louis based artist and yogi. She found yoga in 2011 as part of physical therapy for her body after 10 years of competitive swimming and lacrosse. Not only did it heal her broken body, it also began to heal a damaged heart and anxious mind. She finds peace in her practice and it has been a vehicle for change and a driving force forward in all aspects of her life. After developing a soulful home practice, in 2013 she became certified as a 200-hr RYT through St. Louis Yoga Source. Bek pursued her 500-hr certification from Agape Yoga Studio under the skillful direction of Jen Jones, Michael Johnson, Joe and Luna Taft, Cat Matlock and Bryan Legree. With this diverse background of teaching methodology, Bek strives to create a safe environment for students to grow and heal regardless of age, gender, race, income or experience. She is currently working on her own nonprofit, LotusEater Collective, to provide the community with outlets for creative exploration.

Sandy Weiss

Sandy is a Physical Therapist, cyclist, and triathlete and came upon The Feldenkrais Method as a means to recover from her own discomforts related to athletics. She found that this gentle mindful, sensory based movement opened a whole new way of approaching athletics as well as daily living.

SarahThornton (2)Sarah Thornton

Sarah started practicing yoga over 13 years ago as a way to release stress and reconnect with herself. Yoga and mediation have become a daily part of her life.  Sarah received her 200 hour teacher training from Urban Breath in May of 2014.  She also completed the Relax and Renew training, with Judith Hanson Lasater, in October of 2015. The basis of her teaching philosophy is that “anyone can benefit from and practice yoga, in fact I think everyone should practice yoga!” Her goal is to have students leave a class feeling calm, energized and more connected to themselves.  Her favorite type of classes to teach are restorative, yin and gentle yoga classes.

Sarah likes to help her students reconnect to their bodies, gain more self-awareness and self-acceptance which they can take off the mat into their daily lives.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Missouri and currently counsels children in the school setting. When she is not practicing or teaching yoga, Sarah likes to spend time with her husband and her two daughters. She also enjoys traveling, listening to music and spending time in nature to rejuvenate.You can find out more about Sarah on her website www.yogawsarah.com or on Facebook.

Sebastien Proust

Sébastien Proust

Certified AcroYoga Teacher Level 1 and 2 from the Montreal School, Sebastien’s teaching style focuses on alignment, balance and control. International practitioner and teacher, he learns and keeps learning each time he teaches and explores new ways to move.

With over three-years experience sharing his practice with more than 1,000 unique students around the world, Sébastien teaches a fusion of European, US, and Montreal AcroYoga styles.

He uses his background in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga to teach like he practices – exploratory and unique, intense and soft, focused on his students to adapt the yoga to each student’s body, serious and playful – because after all, it’s just yoga!!

Sheila Dugopolski, RYTSheila Dugopulski

Sheila M Dugopolski is a St Louis based photographer and yogi who found yoga in 2007 through her gym. Yoga has since brought balance and stability into Sheila’s life both on and off the mat, helping heal her anxious mind and bringing peace to her heart.  In 2014, Sheila received her RYT 200 certificate through Robin Buck of Jane’s House of Wellbeing, and she is currently pursuing an additional 300hrs of training with Matt and Holly Krepps of Circle Yoga Shala. Sheila’s students find delight and comfort from her classes, as she teaches with an enthusiasm inevitably passed on to all those around her.

Sheila Fazio Pride

Sheila Pride

A bhakti-tantra influenced yoga teacher, Sheila also works as a cranial sacral therapist and massage therapist. Sheila is passionate about helping individuals restore their health, maintain balance and connect with their own internal power and wisdom and humbly serves the light of her teachers: Saul David Raye, Rod Stryker, Mathew Krepps, Kitty Daly and Lama Lobsang Palden.

Sheila recognizes the importance of body-mind connection and the power of spoken word and shares principles of radical self-love, positive speech, and intention setting in her work. As a yoga teacher, Sheila encourages students to follow their own inner guru and practice the Middle Way philosophy.  Designed to awaken one’s heart, move into healing and build inner strength, her classes are dynamic and interactive emphasizing sacred movement, pranayama and ancient meditations. 

Stephanie Perry-Bush 500 RYTStephanie Perry-Bush

Stephanie began practicing yoga in 1995 and teaching in 2001. She has extensive experience practicing, studying, and teaching a range of different yoga methods. Stephanie is deeply inspired by the power of precise alignment to experience freedom in the body and clarity of mind. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 level. Stephanie teaches from the heart and from years of dedicated and enthusiastic practice and study. Each class is a dynamic and methodical exploration to uncover that within each of us that is free within form.

Susan VolkanSusan Volkan

Susan Volkan was first introduced to yoga as a high school student in the late 70s. She committed more fully to the practice of yoga and Pilates 25 years ago while she was a professional performer in San Francisco, building on years of dance training and stage movement. Susan taught Performance Art and Acting at Washington University and Movement for the Theater at St Louis University before transitioning to teaching Pilates and yoga for Washington University’s Somatic Studies Certificate Program, a division of the dance department. Susan’s Pilates and performance training inform her yoga instruction which emphasizes optimal alignment, engagement of the bandhas, motor respiratory coordination and creating a balance between stability and mobility, effort and ease.  Susan loves to teach all levels of yogis; those new to the practice will appreciate her attention to alignment and more experienced yogis will enjoy the opportunity to work on hand balances and other core-challenging asanas.

Taj Work

Taj Work

Taj had her first experience with yoga during her high school years.  It wasn’t until some years later during her final year of college that she began to develop a personal practice.  She completed her 200-hour teacher training in St. Louis in the summer of 2015 and has been leading yoga classes in the area since that time.  Taj’s classes are gradual and intentional, where flowing and dynamic movements prepare the body for longer sustained poses.  Her emphasis is often on breath and inquiry, creating space for students to get out of their heads and into their bodies. She has attended workshops with teachers such as Tias Little, Bryan Kest, and Cat Matlock.  For Taj, teaching is a blessing, a priviledge, and a practice in itself.  She has completed her 500-hour training in the Dynamic Yoga Method with Holly and Matthew Krepps of Circle Yoga Shala, Arkansas.


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